Protesters Take Over Mayor’s Press Conference

Protesters, upset over recent police shootings, stormed City Hall and interrupted Mayor Betsy Hodge’s statement about the resignation of Police Chief Janee Harteau.

The protest originally started in Loring Park and advanced to City Hall via downtown Minneapolis streets. Once the protest reached Minneapolis City Hall they were met with locked doors. Protesters shut down the light-rail in front of City Hall but eventually moved to the entrance on S 4th St after word got out that the doors were unlocked on that side.

There, protesters were met by uniformed Minneapolis Police Department officers who would not let them inside. After some back and forth between the protesters and the police, the police removed themselves and the protesters entered City Hall.

Protesters made their way to the conference room where Hodges was speaking and interrupted her statement to tell her that removing Harteau was not enough and that Hodges should resign.

Hodges attempted to respond to the group’s grievances but eventually left the room after being shouted down by the protesters.

Once Hodges left, the protest held a impromptu press conference where they listed out their issues with the city, the police force, and the local government.

Once the protest left the conference room, Hodges returned to the podium to continue her press conference about the resignation of Harteau.

Facebook Live video of the event can be seen below (video credit Benjamin Pecka):

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