Slow Start to Minneapolis DFL Convention

After a late start the DFL convention finally adopted the amended rules and agenda so they can move forward with the actual endorsement process.

The convention start time was set at 10:00 AM but did not kick off until almost 11:00 AM due to long lines at the registration desk. For over two hours delegates debated various amendments to the rules and agenda with multiple delegates showing frustration at the rules regarding the amendment process.

Not much changed during those two hours with most of the proposed motions failing a vote by the delegates.

Language in the 29th rule regarding ballots for the Park Board was stricken.

Staffer “Assaulted”

A staff member announced that another staff member had been “assaulted” by someone at the convention and moving forward there would be a zero tolerance policy regarding violence or harassment of staff members.

According to the Sgt. At Arms, a staff member asked an attendee to string a ribbon through the attendee’s badge, as per the convention rules. The attendee ignored the staff member and pushed passed. The attendee was allowed to stay.

“Rowdy Crowd”

The delegate crowd has been hard to control at points. Delegates have tried to speak out of order with the chair refusing to recognize them. Delegates have often tried to amend or speak on issues that have already been voted on.

One delegate who was not called on asked the chair if he “would like to borrow her glasses” after he said he did not see her.

The motion she wanted to speak on, which she was against, already had three delegates against the motion. Convention rules state only three delegates may speak for and against any motion.

Speakers have tried to hush the crowd and multiple delegates have complained that they cannot hear, with one citing the Hodges delegates for being excessively loud.

As of 2:06 PM, nominations for the Board of Estimate and Taxation has begun. The convention still needs to address the Park Board nominations and Mayoral nominations.

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