Mayoral candidate profile: Jonathan Honerbrink

Update: Jonathan Honerbrink has withdrawn his candidacy for mayor and is now running for park board at large. He and his team were unable to be reached for comment.

Jonathan Honerbrink, the only Republican candidate on the ballot, is “From the City, For the City” according to his website. He grew up in North Minneapolis and learned through community programs and from mentors about serving and giving back. He went into business, and his website claims that business and company growth is his strength. He owned a small business in the North Loop that he sold in 2015 and now provides services with Home Depot. He’s been a coach and mentor at North Commons Park in North Minneapolis for many years.

His website lists his platforms as such-

We will:

  • Have multiple Community-based learning development centers throughout the entire city of Minneapolis.
  •  Have a four year College and votec system available through the city, free to students at the University of Minnesota
  •  Take care of our Elders to relieve them of their property tax burden.
  •  We will include and not seclude in housing. “Affordable housing” is not the solution in Minneapolis. We will develop communities together.
  • Be a Green energy leader through solar and water power energy.
  • Fix our sanctuary city. How? By championing our own civil rights attorneys to help those who want to be a part of this great city. We worked with Lutheran Social Services to protect Somalis from an oppressive government. Why can’t we do the same for other communities?
  • Police community systems- protect the people is my first priority.
  • Every community needs a community center

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