Executive Committee Approves Creation of Director Environmental Programs

Approval for a new position within the Minneapolis Health Department was granted by the Minneapolis Executive Committee on Wednesday.

The new position, Director Environmental Programs, is in response to an understaffed Environmental Services Division that has seen growth due to a “construction boom” in Minneapolis, said Gretchen Musicant, Commissioner of Health in Minneapolis.

The understaffed division is a result of “…previous decisions by leaders to redirect resources. So as a result the division has essentially doubled in size,” said Musicant. She did not expand on what those decisions were and where those resources were reallocated.

The proposal splits the Environmental Services Division into two divisions, with the Director Environmental Programs heading the newly formed division. This division “will be responsible for the Lead and Healthy Homes Program, managing environmental initiatives, implementing the annual pollution control registration program, emergency spill response, and environmental inspections,” according to the Classification Report that was submitted with the proposal.

In response to a question from Council Member Elizabeth Gordon about what the Minneapolis Health Department will do if the budget request is denied, Musicant said that there are “vacancies that stand ready to respond to that situation.”

The position will have a salary range of $97,193-$115,215.

The Executive Committee approved the proposal unanimously and is set to be heard by the Ways & Means Committee on June 26. Mayor Betsy Hodges (Chair), Council Members Barbara Johnson, Kevin Reich, Elizabeth Glidden, and Cam Gordon comprised the Executive Committee.

Musicant did not respond to an inquiry about the division split before this article was posted.

The Request for Committee Action can be found here.

The Classification Report can be found here.

The salary schedule can be found here.

Video can be seen below via the City of Minneapolis YouTube channel.

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