Protests After Yanez Not Guilty Verdict Continues into Third Day

Protests of Jeronimo Yanez’s not guilty verdict for the shooting of Philando Castile continued for a third day. Protesters shut down Interstate 94 late Friday evening and marched down Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis to “shut the shit down” on Saturday.

Emotions over the verdict were still high this Sunday as approximately 200 demonstrators gathered outside the Saint Anthony City Hall to protest the lack of police accountability.

The event was hosted by the New North, a new social justice group that was founded this month by Corydon Nilsson, pictured above.

On Friday when they came back not guilty on all charges…I didn’t even know what to say but I know we had to be out here together. So I put this rally on” said Nilsson

The protesters then poured into the streets and began to march and chant phrases like, “white silence is violence”.

Responding to police-blocked intersections ahead of the march on Silver Lake Road, demonstrators spontaneously turned into the strip mall complex located at 39th Avenue NE. Vehicles were redirected away from the march, but those actions were met with some resistance.

Behind the Cub Foods, an older male in a white truck began to backup from the march but after a couple minutes attempted to lurch forward to get the demonstrators out of his way. Eventually he yelled and quickly accelerated into reverse to turn around, coming within inches of hitting Samantha Pree-Stinson, who led most of the march and is running as the Green candidate for Ward 3 in Minneapolis. Below is a trimmed video of the event from The Civic Observer’s Facebook Live feed:

After demonstrators realized what had transpired, they began to chase the truck but were not able to catch the driver.

This was not the only conflict with drivers, another male in a grey car briefly protested being directed to turn around.

As they marched out of the mall and back onto Silver Lake Road, the demonstration formed a circle and held intersections for several minutes to lament about Philando and the verdict.

Nekima Levy-Pounds, a candidate for Minneapolis mayor, said demonstrating in the streets was not enough and that the next step needed to be economic. Levy-Pounds encouraged everyone to stop using MetroTransit until the city starts meeting their needs. Below is the speech Levy-Pounds gave while the protest blocked an intersection:

Demonstrators then proceeded back down Silver Lake Road and gathered in the street in front of Saint Anthony City Hall to rally and chant again before they dispersed.

Mark Wasson contributed to this article. 

All photos are credited to Benjamin Pecka

All videos are credited to Mark Wasson

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