Hodgepodge of Groups Say “Trump must go”


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Approx. 50 protesters gathered on June 1 at the Federal Courthouse in Minneapolis to demand that President Trump no longer sit in office. The protest was organized by Resist from Day One which, according to their Facebook page, is an “Ad-hoc coalition in MN organizing to resist the Trump administration’s agenda from day one”. Members of the Anti-War Committee, the U of M chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), MN350.org and the Welfare Rights Committee were present.

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The protest started with two children leading multiple popular chants that have become a staple of the various protests and rallies in Minnesota like, “No Trump. No KKK. No racist USA.” And “What do want? Climate justice. When do we want it? Now.”

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Meredith Abbey from the Anti-Committee was the first speaker demanded that “Trump must go” and that since Trump has taken office the US has seen an increase in hate crimes, an increase an US military intervention and the “use of a new weapon of mass destruction”.

The weapon Abbey is referring to is the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) but is referred to by some as the “mother of all bombs” due to the fact that it’s explosive yield is comparable to a small nuclear weapon.

Abbey also said that Trump’s rhetoric has empowered people to be more vocally racist, citing a Jun. 10 March Against Sharia protest at the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul. Abbey encouraged people to come out and counter-protest.

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The next speaker was Ricardo Levins Morales, an artist and activist, who recorded former Metro Transit Officer Andy Lamers asking a man if they were here illegally during an ID check on a light-rail train. Morales said Lamers was enforcing the “oppressive system of an empire”.

Morales then went on to tell the crowed that immigration enforcement had its foundation in the Fugitive Slave Active of 1850. This act enabled slave owners to track down and capture run-away slaves. Morales voiced support for monitoring ICE stations and organizing civil defense systems. “Our goal must be to force every city to be a sanctuary city.”

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Adriana from the Minnesota Immigration Rights Action Committee spoke next saying “It is a beautiful day that we stand up for justice and speak out against atrocities of this administration.” Adriana told the crowd that focusing not just on Trump but at a state level is important as well.

“Shame on our state. Shame on our representatives that don’t have the courage to stand up,” said Adriana after referencing what she says are state laws intended to curb immigration. Adriana slammed not only Republicans, but Democrats “who have left communities of color behind.”

Bill Adamski, a member of 350.org, spoke next about what he called “travesties that Trump and his cronies in Congress [have done]”. Adamski mentioned the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, 2018 budget cuts to scientific research and environmental protection, and multiple rollbacks on Obama policies as reasons to support his claim.

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Rob Wallace, an evolutionary biologist and author, was the next to take the stage and spoke about supporting the rouge scientists that are “fighting” the Trump administration but warned that “Trump’s attacks didn’t come out of nowhere,” and “that many of these things were started by the previous administrations.”

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A member of the Welfare Rights Committee took the mic next and stated that they “[We] stand against Trump. We stand against his predecessors. We stand against his current lackeys and everything that they stand for.” The member condemned the proposed 2018 Trump budget for taking cuts to welfare. “Trump’s budget is just plain evil. Trump and his cronies are assholes. Trump must go.”

Photo credit Benjamin Pecka

Marty, a member of SDS at the U of M, talked about resisting Trump and empowering communities “instead of politics that are dictated from Washington and Wall Street.” Marty also encouraged the crowd to come out to the counter protest for March Against Sharia.

Photo credit Benjamin Pecka

A member of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3800 the U of M Clerical, a worker’s union, was the last speaker of the afternoon. She demanded Trump leave office but also criticized Hillary Clinton for also not being friendly to workers.

The member denounced Trump’s stance on minimum wage, his appointment to the Supreme Court, his stance on the environment, and his willingness to roll back student loan forgiveness.

Two uniformed Minneapolis Police Department officers were present but no arrests were made.

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